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7 Most Romantic Private Islands In Maldives For Couples

Staying at hotels while on a vacay with your partner sounds pretty old school, doesn’t it? Old school romance is not bad but you can make it much better by picking a private island for your Maldives stay. Romance that sees no limits needs seclusion and you can get it right on a private island. 

Now, out of the thousands of islands in Maldives, which one you should book for spending hours at a stretch with your partner is the real question. We have the perfect answer to that question. We’ve curated a list of the seven most romantic private islands in Maldives that would be worth your money and time. 

Nalandu Island

Nalandu Island

Spending time with your beloved partner at Nalandu Island could be quite a bit of experience. With just 20 houses, it’s a perfect place for seclusion from the outside. Devoting an eye to the breathtaking views while listening to the rustling sound of palm trees is all that a romanticist needs.

Unmistakably delicious meals from a butler who’s available throughout the day and a private pool by your side are some additional allowances at Nalandu. You and your partner can have a relaxing time together, enjoying luxury spa treatments ranging from couple massages to pedicures and manicures. 

Four Seasons Island

Four Seasons island in Maldives

If you, as a couple are big-time foodies, then let’s begin by disclosing the long list of cuisines that Four Seasons Island has in the record – Maldivian, Lebanese, Chinese, Italian, Moroccan, Indian, Japanese and Sri Lankan. Being exposed to a luscious food experience while at the poolside or sandbank is a decision that you get to make.

You can get yourself a glass of thin cocktail after dining, great thing! Right? A luxury spa treatment can make your experience even more better on this island. Massages, yoga, meditation, and various ayurvedic practices on your vacay can leave you addicted to wellness habits for a lifetime. Four Seasons Island also has in-store X-Jet Blades, Kitesurfing, Seabobs and Jet skies. If you don’t mind an adventure affair on the side, then choose this island at a glance. 

Velaa Private Island

Velaa Island in Maldives

You can make your private escape utterly exotic and luxurious at Velaa Private Island. A romantic poolside experience while listening to the sounds of tranquil ocean waves will make you both fall in love harder than before. It has 43 villas, each being fairly spacious with a breathtaking view of sandy beaches and palm trees.

This is an island where you are connected to the outside world only through boats. This is the perfect place where you can make life-long memories of solitude, with your lover, of course! Sunrise Water Pool Villas, Sunset Deluxe Water Pool Villas, Beach Pool Villas and Delux Beach Pool Villas are the accommodation options that you can explore at this place. A huge variety of cuisines with expert chefs belonging to different nations in the world, together bring you a delicious culinary encounter. 

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

Kudadoo island

Kudadoo is a luxurious place covering all lavish elements of experience under one roof, especially the ones suitable for a couple. Water sports, spa treatments, exquisite dining, cheese and wine cellar are just some excursions awaiting your arrival.

With 15 over-water residences for accommodation, Kudadoo Island is whole-heartedly accepted for enormous sunlight in the day and dense windy nights. Being a solar-powered island makes this place a better alternative to others as it makes your love for nature and sustainability count. 

Nilyama Private Island

Nilyama Private Island in Maldives

Nilyama Private Island consists of two twin islands – Play and Chill. If you’re a water child, then the over-water villas of Chill with an underwater playground will excite you like no other place. Besides, Play is truly hyped for its jungle-greens, white-sandy views and adventure affairs. Water Pool Villa, Family Beach Pool Villa, Two-Bedroom Beach Pool Pavilion and The Crescent are the accommodation options, each of them offering an exceptionally exotic experience.

Counting the luxuries takes us to BBQ nights, salons, a private beach, a poolside bar, and restaurants with the most exquisite culinary. The dining options include destination dining, Asian dining, fine dining, all-day dining, and many others.  

Bandos Island

Scuba Dive at Bandos Island

At a distance of only 9.8 kilometers from Male, it would barely take you ten minutes to reach Bandos Island from the international airport. You get to say cheers to some water sports at their diving centre with an underwater garden of Maldives’ greatest length. Astonishing house reefs will make the scuba diving experience a treat to your eyes as well. Fishing, swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing and karaoke can make you leave you blank about everyday life hurdles.

Buffet breakfast, unlimited wine, and romantic candlelight dining are sure allowances. Forgetting to visit the Orchid Spa for couple massages might be a mistake you would regret. All salon services like waxing, pedicure, manicure, hair-styling, and makeup are at your doorstep when staying at Bandos. We, helps you get the best experience during your visit on these islands. Have a happy holiday!

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