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Important Facts About Indians Applying For Sri Lanka Visa

An alluring Island country, Sri Lanka is a beauty that will unravel your real love towards nature and animals. The surreal beaches, mesmerizing coastlines, pretty sunsets and many such gorgeous beauty is available in Sri Lanka. This country is presently the most attractive tourist destination. The tourism Ministry of Sri Lanka is experiencing an uncountable number of tourists in their country. 

In order to boost their tourism sector even more and increase its popularity in the field of tourism, Sri Lanka has undertaken various initiatives and development projects their way. Moreover, one of the best initiatives offered by Sri Lanka to its tourists is a free visa. Yes, you read that right! Sri Lanka is providing free visas to more than 30 countries including India. So, if you are seduced to take advantage of this scheme then read along. 

Here’s everything you need to know on how to apply, requirement of Sri Lanka visa for Indian citizens and many more queries. You can either apply for a Sri Lanka visa in advance or on arrival. So we are going to provide a complete guide on both the procedures. 

In Advance:

Sri Lanka International Airport.

What is the procedure for Indians to apply for a Sri Lanka visa in ADVANCE?

In 2012 the Government of Sri Lanka presented a new ETA visa. This type of visa basically benefits the tourists who are looking forward to a short / business trip. With the help of an ETA visa you can stay up to 30 days in Sri Lanka. So the Indian tourists who are planning to tour Sri Lanka for or in 30 days can easily apply for electronic travel authorisation [ETA]. 

The process for applying for a Sri Lanka Visa for Indians is quite easy, simple and hassle-free. You just need to properly and carefully fill up your details, numbers as well as make the necessary payments and within 3 business days you will receive your approved Sri Lanka ETA Visa in your submitted email. 

A guide of ETA Visa Procedure: 
  • Visit the official website to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa and start feeling in your details carefully. 
  • Once you are done with the details, make the necessary payments and just click on submit and instantly receive your acknowledgement. 
  • As said above, wait for 3 business days and you will receive your approved ETA visa via email that you have mentioned in your application form. 
  • Take a print of the approved ETA Visa on the day of your flight to Sri Lanka. 
  • Submit that print of your approved Visa at the airport to the respective immigration officer.

What are the documents required for an Indian while applying for an advance Sri Lanka visa? 

There are some must-included documents required for obtaining an advance Sri Lanka’s visa. You must take your passport that should have 6 months validity and minimum 2 unused pages. A 4×6 centimetres passport size photograph of you. Also, your safely stamped bank statement of the previous 3-4 months. And ofcourse, a return ticket that is confirmed. Just carry these documents and you are all good for applying for a Sri Lanka Visa. 

On Arrival:

Map of Sri Lanka, close-up.

What is the procedure for Indians to apply for a Sri Lanka visa on ARRIVAL?

In order to boost its tourism, Sri Lanka declared a free visa to its tourists in 2019 of the countries such as USA, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, India, Malaysia, the UK and many more. Due to this offer, Indians will be able to save between INR 1,300 to INR 2,700 off the visa fee on arrival. The most recommended months to fully enjoy this offer is from May to August. The seasons in these months are just pure bliss and gorgeousness. 

Though there are many agents and brokers that offer services of providing Indians the visa application form of Sri Lanka. However, we don’t recommend you to waste your money on these unnecessary activities or get yourself cheated with such fraudsters. Bandaranaike International Airport is under construction to serve its tourists a perfect and hassle-free service of providing Visa on arrival. This whole procedure of issuing visas at Sri Lanka airport will hardly take 12 minutes to 1 hour, depending entirely upon the traffic of the tourists.

What are the documents required for an Indian while applying for a Sri Lanka visa on ARRIVAL? 

Documents entirely depend on the type of visa a tourist applies for. However, there are some obligatory and necessary documents that every tourist applying for a Visa must have. So, we have listed down those Must-included documentation details for the Indians applying to Sri Lanka visa. 

  • Similarly to that of an advance visa, you must have a minimum 6 month validated passport with at least two unused pages left. 
  • You must carry the xerox copy of your passport’s last and first page. 
  • Bank statements stamped for the last 3 months by your respective bank as proof that you have necessary funds. 
  • Your application form for Sri Lanka visa. 
  • The last but not the least, a most recent photograph of yours in the size of 4×6 centimetres. 

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